Homenetmen Beirut B.C.

Homenetmen Beirut Basketball Club standing for “Armenian General Union of Body Culture”) is the basketball department of Homenetmen, a Lebanese-Armenian multi-sports club based in Beirut. The club was established in 1924 and is part of the worldwide pan-Armenian Homenetmen association. Also known simply as Homenetmen, Homenetmen Beirut Basketball Club is the professional basketball team of the major Beirut based multi-sport club Homenetmen.

The basketball team was founded in 1924 and is one of the oldest in the country. Homenetmen Beirut has a long-running program for basketball in the Lebanese Basketball League for both men and women and has been one of the pioneers of the sports from the day of its foundation in Lebanon.

Having played for a long time in the first division of Lebanese Basketball League and winning the Lebanese Basketball Championship several times, the club presently plays in the first division.

Homenetmen’s long-time home court is the Tenjoukian Stadium, which is one of the smallest indoor venue in Lebanon. It is located in Mzher, Antelias. The construction of the venue was completed in 2000. The stadium, nicknamed Orange Hell, is considered to be one of the toughest grounds in the league due to Homenetmens supporters. The seating capacity is 1000, however the arena can hold up to a capacity of more than 1500-2000 when standing.

The team has one of the biggest fanbases in Lebanon and has supporters worldwide.